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Age Of Empires

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition enters beta stage

Windows ReportWindows Report - Aug 15, 2017
Age of Empires is a classic franchise that was launched 20 years ago. This has been a hallmark of Windows gaming for a while now, so Real Time Strategy (RTS) fans who are longing for a fresh challenge will definitely be interested in the franchise's ...  

Baldurs Gate

'Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 3' Release Date: Why I'm still hoping for a game that may never happen

MicMic - Aug 4, 2017
Mic invites contributors and staff to offer commentary and context about news and timely issues. Last weekend, I retreated from the city to a house in the woods with spotty cellphone service and my old PlayStation 2. Amazingly, the 15-year-old system ...  

Empire Earth

Without prejudice: be careful what you record
Lexology (registration) - Jul 24, 2017

KLD Residential (“KLD”) instituted an action against Empire Earth, alleging that the latter owed KLD commission in respect of sales made in a new property development, as per a written mandate. Commission was alleged to be payable upon transfer of the ...  

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy: 15 Worst Monster Designs In The Series

Screen RantScreen Rant - Aug 19, 2017
It's hard for even the Final Fantasy series to keep up a consistently great range of monsters, especially when a game might feature over a hundred creatures. The designers will inevitably get lazy and just throw something together in order to meet a ...  

Half Life 2

Cinematic mod: Awakening aims to expand and overhaul Half-Life 2's world, demo is now available

DSOGaming (blog)DSOGaming (blog) - Aug 13, 2017
Remember the FakeFactory Cinematic mod for Half-Life 2. Well, NervenHölle-Team is currently working on an expanded version of it that aims to overhaul Half-Life 2's universe. Cinematic mod: Awakening uses the Cinematic Mod 2013 platform with ...  

Microsoft Flight Simulator

What you need to know before taking to the skies in Flight Sim World

PCGamesNPCGamesN - Jul 28, 2017
Does it feature your unreasonably specific favourite models of aircraft, and can it do that particular thing that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 used to do? While we can't promise to answer the most esoteric of questions, we are here to give a ...  


'Myst' studio's crowdfunded 'Obduction' hits PS4 August 29th

EngadgetEngadget - Aug 9, 2017
If you're a die-hard Myst fan, you've probably at least heard of Obduction, the new game from Cyan. You may have even supported its Kickstarter. Today, CEO ...  

Neverwinter Nights

A brief history of MMO games

PC GamerPC Gamer - Jul 28, 2017
Released in 1991, Neverwinter Nights was an online RPG that you had to pay by the hour in order to play. It was notable for being the first time an online RPG had graphics, and it blew people away. Despite the fact that it's so rudimentary, Neverwinter ...  

Pokemon Ranger

10 Pokemon Games You've Never Heard Of

Game RantGame Rant - Aug 9, 2017
Ditching Pokeballs for loops, in Pokemon Ranger the player character is a ranger who captures Pokemon by “looping” them repeatedly with a tool called the styler. With this mechanic, players are able to temporarily catch a Pokemon and uses its abilities ...  

Quake II

Rollercoaster Tycoon

Blast from the Past: RollerCoaster Tycoon (PC)

Gamer Professionals (blog)Gamer Professionals (blog) - Aug 3, 2017
Simulation games are enticing for a reason – you are the mastermind of creation and command the puppet strings. Whether things go awry or run smoothly falls into the palm of your hand. Well, for the most part. RollerCoaster Tycoon, developed by Chris ...  


A chat with the creator of the 'StarCraft II'-powered 'Diablo II' remake

MashableMashable - Aug 19, 2017
This is one of the more inventive "total conversion" mods you'll ever see.  

The Sims

Soundtracking The Sims to Space: TalkRadar meets composer Ilan Eshkeri

TechRadarTechRadar - Aug 14, 2017
"If music be the food of love, play on," said some character in a Shakespeare play once. It's an often quoted line, and for good reason. It makes you sound really clever and it makes just enough sense that people nod along when you say it. Really ...  

Unreal Tournament

Breaking the Law of Gravity in LAWBREAKERS is Fast-Paced Fun, But Tough to Get Into (Review)

NerdistNerdist - Aug 11, 2017
If you're familiar with games like Quake and Unreal Tournament, slipping into the speedy chaos that is LawBreakers will feel both familiar, and exciting. Unfortunately, however, not every player will have an easy time getting into the swing of things ...  

World Of Warcraft

Tournament Of Ages Draws Thousands To 'World of Warcraft' Role-Playing

ForbesForbes - Aug 12, 2017
Today wraps up one of the largest community events in World of Warcraft, a gathering that has drawn thousands of people together over the past four years and will raise more than a thousand dollars for charity this year. The Tournament of Ages runs on ...  

Call Of Duty

Playing professional 'Call of Duty' with half a thumb

EngadgetEngadget - Aug 12, 2017
Now that he's playing professional Call of Duty, which is tied to the PlayStation 4, Wyatt has to use controllers with both analog sticks close to the palm. "It's not too crazy," he says. "I do have to angle the controller a little bit to the right ...  

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