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Computer games

Age Of Empires

Remzey Samarrai: The new age of empires
Ocala - Apr 15, 2018

The history of man is summarized in Ecclesiastes: “There is nothing new under the sun.” More specifically, if people understood the message of Ecclesiastes, which is not so much the predictability of the world but the obstinacy of man to live life as ...  

Baldurs Gate

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Buffed.deBuffed.de - Mar 29, 2018
30.03.2018 um 09:00 Uhr My.com und Owlcat Games haben einen neuen Trailer zum kommenden Rollenspiel Pathfinder: Kingmaker veröffentlicht. Dieses Video stellt euch das Spiel und alle Aspekte daraus vor. Darüber hinaus bekommt ihr einen Einblick in die ...  

Empire Earth

Ten Games That Deserve a Modern Remake

Only Single PlayerOnly Single Player - Mar 30, 2018
At the time of Empire Earth's release in 2001, Age of Empires II was the comparable real-time strategy game. Similar to the game's predecessor, Empire Earth has players research technologies to advance their civilization's era (known as epochs in ...  

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Dissidia NT is getting its first DLC character next week ...

DestructoidDestructoid - Apr 20, 2018
Way back in March, Vayne Carudas Solidor from Final Fantasy XII was announced as the first of six DLC characters that would be coming to Dissidia NT. Despite arriving in the March update for the arcade counterpart, Square revealed the conso...  

Half Life 2

GDC 2018: Half-Life 2 VR Is Getting Haptic Feedback With The Hardlight Suit

UploadVRUploadVR - Mar 24, 2018
It's been a while since we've heard anything about the much anticipated Half-Life 2 VR port being worked on by a group of fans, but this week haptic group HardlightVR confirmed some interesting news about the project. The game will support the ...  

Microsoft Flight Simulator

'Microsoft Flight Simulator X update: New expansion installs a 'Chrome Password Dump'

ChristianTodayChristianToday - Feb 22, 2018
Steam/ Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam EditionA screenshot of the Steam version of the game "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" which was developed by Microsoft Game Studios for Microsoft Windows. Flight Sim Labs (FS Labs) recently launched an expansion ...  


Celebrate Myst's 25th anniversary through this Kickstarter / Boing ...

Boing BoingBoing Boing - Apr 16, 2018
In 1993, Cyan Inc.'s Robyn and Rand Miller created Myst, a magical interactive story/puzzle published on CD-ROM that forever changed the landscape of immersive gaming. Myst proved once and for all that videogames could be art. To celebrate Myst's 25th ...  

Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition released for GNU/Linux (and Windows)

Ghacks Technology NewsGhacks Technology News - Mar 31, 2018
I'm a gigantic fan of RPG games. I love a good gripping storyline, that draws you in with great character depth and a deep and intriguing plot. Neverwinter Nights was an absolutely stellar game in my opinion, and it boasted quite the awesome online ...  

Pokemon Ranger

Detective Pikachu Review

IGNIGN - Mar 22, 2018
Instead of using a Pokedex or other gadgets for their investigations, Pikachu and Tim enlist the help of experts around them, like Milo, a Pokemon Ranger in training, and a news reporter named Emilia. They're both charming in their own right and ...  

Quake II

What The Tom's Team Played This Weekend: PC Building Simulator

Tom's HardwareTom's Hardware - Apr 2, 2018
Twenty years ago, gaming is what got me excited about PC hardware. Hacking up the Celeron 300A was a means to an end; I wanted Quake II to run better, of course! But these days, it's rare that I can carve out two or three hours to progress through new ...  

Rollercoaster Tycoon

Rollercoaster Tycoon Park Puts Attendees On The Path To ...

KotakuKotaku - Mar 24, 2018
A Rollercoaster Tycoon player has created a horrifying trial for their park attendees. Only those who find enlightenment will escape.  


Good Game Well Played: The Story of the Staying Power of 'StarCraft'

The Ringer (blog)The Ringer (blog) - Mar 30, 2018
The aesthetics of a live-streamed StarCraft match in 2018—packed seats, bright blue lighting, walls festooned with branded banners, enthusiastic commentators, and, of course, cameras trained on headset-adorned dealers of digital death—are ...  

The Sims

Unreal Tournament

CliffyB's Radical Heights is a new low for cashing in on the PUBG craze

Ars TechnicaArs Technica - Apr 10, 2018
His most recent self-admitted financial failure, Lawbreakers, at least did a fine job carrying Bleszinski's old-school, Unreal Tournament torch, in spite of its issues with difficulty curve and generic art. But Bleszinski and his current studio, Boss ...  

World Of Warcraft

Is World of Warcraft coming to PS4 and Xbox One? Blizzard gives release news update

Daily StarDaily Star - Apr 15, 2018
World of Warcraft was once the biggest game in the world, and since it launched fans have been eager to play the game away from its home on PC. For years, fans have been clamouring to see the game make the jump to Xbox or PlayStation consoles, but ...  

Call Of Duty

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 release date has been announced – here's what else we know

Expert ReviewsExpert Reviews - Apr 17, 2018
There will be further information about the game coming to a screen near you at the community reveal on 17 May, but other than some slithers of plot, a cryptic tweet and vague rumours, we know very little. There hasn't been a new Black Ops game since ...  

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