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Age Of Empires

'Age Of Empires' Is Getting A New 4K Edition For Its 20th Anniversary

Konbini USKonbini US - Jun 14, 2017
Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, Babylonians, the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, catapults, grain stores, watchtowers, priests, warrior monks, Phoenician galleys, Damascus steel and more... Age of Empires came out on PC in 1997, and not only is it an ...  

Baldurs Gate

Stab Your Friends in the Back in 'Betrayal at Baldur's Gate'

GeekDad (blog)GeekDad (blog) - Jun 17, 2017
Ever since I played Betrayal at House on the Hill with Patrick Rothfuss at a Worldbuilders fundraiser, it has been on my list of games to purchase. With the announcement during Stream of Annihilation that a Dungeons & Dragons/Betrayal mash-up will be ...  

Empire Earth

Empire Earth and Age of Empires Inspired 'Empires Apart' Will Have a Single Player Campaign
Only Single Player - Aug 2, 2016

When I originally reached out to the developers of Empires Apart, a new real-time strategy game inspired by classic RTS games like Age of Empires and Empire Earth, I was told the game would be a multiplayer-only experience. With the launch of ...  

Final Fantasy

How To Unlock Red Mage And Samurai Jobs In Final Fantasy XIV

KotakuKotaku - Jun 19, 2017
The Stormblood expansion for Final Fantasy XIV introduces two new jobs to the massively multiplayer RPG—Red Mage and Samurai. To access them you don't ...  

Half Life 2

Best Game Locations: Half-Life 2's City 17

Cultured VulturesCultured Vultures - Jun 21, 2017
City 17 is the main setting for Half-Life 2, and probably one of the best-realised locations in gaming history. The city is imposing, at once threatening and claustrophobic, and the iconic image that endures is of Combine Civil Protection squads ...  

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Laid-off plant worker soars to new career as commercial pilot

WRAL.comWRAL.com - May 26, 2017
Even as he worked 12-hour night shifts in the manufacturing plant, Dukuh was developing a plan to become a pilot. "I spent hours in my off-time practicing on the Microsoft Flight Simulator," he recalled. "This software let me practice flying and ...  


MYST Club is Closed for 'Internal Investigation' – That's Shanghai

That's Online (registration)That's Online (registration) - Jun 12, 2017
One of Shanghai's largest and most popular nightclubs has closed for business.  

Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter's Tomb of Annihilation is D&D, dinos, and the archlich Acererak

VentureBeatVentureBeat - Jun 2, 2017
This isn't the first time a D&D video game has visited this dino-infested region — Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir featured a story linked to Chult and the Yuan-ti in 2008. You start off at Port Nyanzaru, the major trading port for the entire ...  

Pokemon Ranger

Five Pokemon Games That Would Be Right At Home On Nintendo Switch

Comicbook.comComicbook.com - Jun 5, 2017
Here's another blast from the past that would do well in a contemporary setting on the Nintendo Switch – Pokemon Ranger! We haven't heard from this series in years, despite the fact it did pretty well on the Nintendo DS. A new version would hit the ...  

Quake II

Quake Champions Open Beta Impressions

Broken Joysticks (blog)Broken Joysticks (blog) - May 14, 2017
Each player no longer have the same in-game avatar, as seen in Quake II or simply a different model with the same hitboxes & statistics like Quake III's multiplayer. Each champion brings a unique aesthetic, distinct personality, their own ultimate ...  

Rollercoaster Tycoon

Next RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch Update Out Now, Here's What It Does

GameSpotGameSpot - May 28, 2017
What's next for Atari's mobile game RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch? Today, the publisher laid out what's coming to the game in the title's 11th update, which is out now--and it does quite a lot. Some of the new features available in Update 11 include the ...  


Blizzard plans on remastering Diablo II, StarCraft and Warcraft III

MSPoweruserMSPoweruser - Jun 16, 2017
A job listing appeared on Blizzard's website which wants programmers familiar with restoring games. The company clearly laid out its plan by starting that they were going to update StarCraft, Warcraft III, and Diablo II for modern gaming. The listing ...  

The Sims

Molly Sims shares touching post on sudden death of family dog

Today.comToday.com - Jun 24, 2017
... some hashtags to further illuminate Duke's story: "#8years #tooyoung #loveyouforever #howdidthishappenin2weeks #fcancer #heartbroken #nowords." So sorry to hear this sad news, and wishing the Sims-Stuber family all the best in this time of healing.  

Unreal Tournament

E3 2017: Quake Movement 'Always Felt Better' Than Unreal Tournament, Bleszinski Says
Shacknews - Jun 14, 2017

He said that back in the day it was all about competition with id between Quake and Unreal Tournament. "I think we ultimately sold more," he said. But taking it a step further, "Quake's movement always felt better," he said, "so I went in and studied ...  

World Of Warcraft

This World of Warcraft guild uses Tinder to recruit players

PC GamerPC Gamer - Jun 22, 2017
If you use Tinder, you're probably just looking for a quick hookup or, if you're really ambitious, the love of your life. What you might not expect to find, however, is a new World of Warcraft guild. But, hey, sometimes love can be found in the most ...  

Call Of Duty

Analysts Say This Game Has Become the New Call of Duty

Barron'sBarron's - Jun 22, 2017
When the latest version of Call of Duty went over poorly with fans last year, a brand new game, Overwatch, picked up the slack for publisher Activision Blizzard. Now it looks like Overwatch could become Activision's leading game over the long run.  

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