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Age Of Empires

'Age of Empires: Definitive Edition' has a PC release date

MashableMashable - Jan 18, 2018
"It's kind of like how you remember Age of Empires 1 from '97, just better.” The Definitive Edition actually runs on the same engine as the original game. That said, there are some notable quality of life improvements seen in the remake, including ...  

Baldurs Gate

Let's Play: Betrayal at Baldur's Gate
GameIndustry.com - Dec 27, 2017

Avalon Hill and Dungeons & Dragons released the highly-anticipated Betrayal at Baldur's Gate, a new board game based on the award-winning Betrayal at House on the Hill. We get a group of players together and tackle the game for the very first time. See ...  

Empire Earth

Without prejudice: be careful what you record
Lexology - Jul 24, 2017

KLD Residential (“KLD”) instituted an action against Empire Earth, alleging that the latter owed KLD commission in respect of sales made in a new property development, as per a written mandate. Commission was alleged to be payable upon transfer of the ...  

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 15: Royal Edition spotted on ratings board

TrustedReviewsTrustedReviews - Jan 9, 2018
The ESRB has published a rating for Final Fantasy 15: Royal Edition, suggesting a new version of the JRPG is on the horizon. We've yet to see a Game of the Year treatment given to Final Fantasy 15 and it seems the Royal Edition will be just that ...  

Half Life 2

How Half-Life 2 set (still unbettered) standards for video game story-telling, with a hero who never says a word

GamesRadarGamesRadar - Dec 29, 2017
Before Dunwall, there was City 17. Before The Last of Us' overrun sewer colony, there were Route Kanal's resistance outposts. Before Elizabeth DeWitt came Alyx Vance, and before Andrew Ryan there was Wallace Breen. Thousands of words have been devoted ...  

Microsoft Flight Simulator

New date to unveil White Plains flight simulator

The Journal News | LoHud.comThe Journal News | LoHud.com - Jan 10, 2018
Parker built the two-seat simulator over three years. It runs Microsoft Flight Simulator software using five computers and nine LCD monitors. It can simulate aircraft ranging from a single-engine Piper Cub to a Boeing 747, and allows the operator to ...  


Myst Make Stunning Move, Taking Over M2's Space

City WeekendCity Weekend - Jan 5, 2018
Popular EDM nightclub Myst (moving you, stunning trip) has up and moved from Yan'an Lu to Hong Kong Plaza, taking over M2's space. That's right. M2 is now closed. Their lease at Yan'an Lu expired, and so, they went hunting for a space, settling on M2's ...  

Neverwinter Nights

How devs and fans are coming together to rebuild Neverwinter Nights

PC GamerPC Gamer - Jan 3, 2018
"Neverwinter Nights changed my life," Tony 'Andarian' Donadio tells me. Donadio adapted his college Dungeons & Dragons campaign to create a module for BioWare's 2002 D&D game, Neverwinter Nights, thanks to its dev kit being made available to players ...  

Pokemon Ranger

Five Pokemon Games That Would Be Right At Home On Nintendo Switch

Comicbook.comComicbook.com - Jun 5, 2017
Here's another blast from the past that would do well in a contemporary setting on the Nintendo Switch – Pokemon Ranger! We haven't heard from this series in years, despite the fact it did pretty well on the Nintendo DS. A new version would hit the ...  

Quake II

Play Quake II In Room-Scale VR On Your Rift Or Vive

UploadVRUploadVR - Sep 12, 2017
Just in time for its 20th anniversary comes a virtual reality mod for Quake II. Actually, the mod saw its last update this May, but Martin Lammi drew our attention with his video tour of the legendary shooter, which you'll find embedded below. Created ...  

Rollercoaster Tycoon

Ofertas do dia na App Store: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Platinum, Pattern, Pikka e mais!

MacMagazine (Blogue)MacMagazine (Blogue) - Jan 9, 2018
Caneta Para notificar nossos editores de um erro no post, selecione o texto e pressione Ctrl + Enter. Por Marcelo Melo 08/01/2018 às 22:46. Para esta segunda-feira, antes tarde do que nunca, confira e aproveite a nossa seleção de ofertas nas App Stores ...  


Blaze, the StarCraft Firebat, is now live in Heroes of the Storm | PC ...

PC GamerPC Gamer - Jan 9, 2018
Corporal Miles Lewis, better known to StarCraft fans as the veteran Firebat "Blaze," is now live in Heroes of the Storm. Blaze is a ranged tank who literally puts the fire in firefight, but he can also deploy bunkers that provide him and his teammates ...  

The Sims

Sims 4 Toddlers Now Get Your Jokes

KotakuKotaku - Jan 12, 2018
The Sims 4 had a small patch yesterday, and as ever, there were some amusing patch notes. You will now be given enough time to take care of your neglected baby after the warning “you neglected your baby” notification appears. The Pile of Discarded Food ...  

Unreal Tournament

The best multiplayer games you can play with bots

PC GamerPC Gamer - Dec 26, 2017
Unreal Tournament 2004. Depending on what difficultly level you choose, the bots of Unreal Tournament 2004 can be entertaining fodder or nigh-unbeatable gods. Either way, UT's bots have some of the best AI you'll find in any game before or since ...  

World Of Warcraft

Columns: Our Guide to Keeping Busy Until Battle for Azeroth Arrives

MMORPG.com (press release) (blog)MMORPG.com (press release) (blog) - Jan 10, 2018
There are some immutable facts that we know about World of Warcraft as we sit here today. Antorus is the final raid in the Legion expansion. Battle for Azeroth has been revealed as the next chapter in the ongoing story. We have NO idea when it's coming ...  

Call Of Duty

Team Kaliber win two titles in a row as they beat Luminosity Gaming in one of the closest Call of Duty WW2 matches ...

Daily MailDaily Mail - Jan 15, 2018
Team Kaliber win two titles in a row as they beat Luminosity Gaming in one of the closest Call of Duty WW2 matches in history at CWL New Orleans. Team Kaliber and Luminosity Gaming faced each other three times at CWL NO; Their final Grand Final best of ...  

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